Lunar Occultation (Split)

by Ophiukhus

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Taken from the Lunar Occultation Split alongside Praesepe and Cythraul.


released July 5, 2016

01. The Shining*
02. Grawitacja**
03. I Am The Black Wizards***
04. Rzeki Niebiesko-Krwawe (Demo version)

05. Solar Burial
06. The Storm

07. Corrosions
08. Feasted On Frail Spirits
09. Forsaken Duties
10. Day Of Suffering****

* Based on Main Title from The Shining (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Warner Bros. 1980) by Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind.
The motif derived from the 13th-century Gregorian Chant Dies Irae quoted by Hector Berlioz in Symphonie Fantastique
(The Fifth movement: Dream of the Night of the Sabbath).

** Lyrics: Ewa Omernik, Music: Justyna Steczkowska, Paweł Fortuna & PRAESEPE

*** Lyrics: Mortiis, Music: Ihsahn, Samoth. Originally recorded by Emperor in December 1992 & released by Candlelight Records in May 1993.

**** Lyrics: Vincent, Music: Azagthoth. Originally recorded by Morbid Angel.

The Lunar Occultation split album was mastered
at Czysciec Studio (, Katowice, Poland
by Nihil in April-May 2016.

And – guitars, acoustics
Premy Slav Kainath – vocals, bass
R. A. M. – guitars
Svarth – drums

Special Guest:
Herr'a – synths in The Shining & I Am The Black Wizards

Lyrics by Ewa Omernik, Mortiis,
Premy Slav Kainath
Music by Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind, Justyna Steczkowska, Paweł Fortuna, Ihsahn, Samoth & PRAESEPE.

Recorded at EVP Studio London, UK (Jan–Feb 2015).
Drums recorded at SweatBox Studio by Finn Lomax, London, UK (2–4 February 2015).
Mixed & Mastered at Czysciec Studio by Nihil, Katowice, Poland during April 2015.

Rzeki Niebiesko-Krwawe (Demo Version) by PRAESEPE (Lyrics: Premy Slav Kainath, Music: And) Drums Recorded at SweatBox Studio by Finn Lomax, London, UK (November 2014). Mixed at Czysciec Studio by Nihil, Katowice, Poland (January 2015).


Charles – vocals/guitar
Tobias – vocals/bass
Jørgen – drums

Lyrics by Charles Kirton
Music by Ophiukhus

Recorded at Studio D, Kingston, Surrey, UK in 2015.
Mixed and mastered by Rich Harper.
Produced by Rich Harper/Ophiukhus.

Additional Guitar Tracks recorded by Simon Walcroft.


Levi – vox
Joe – lead
Fabio – rhythm
Rob – bass
Adriano – drums

All music and lyrics by Cythraul except Day of suffering by Morbid Angel (Lyrics: Vincent, Music: Azagthoth).

Engineered by Joe Burwood, Matt Jarman and Nick Howdle Smith at D.S.I studios London.

Mixed by Nick Howdle Smith and Joe Burwood at D.S.I Studios London.

Thanks to D.S.I Studios and all there staff for all the help and support, and special thanks to all our friends and the bands we've played with and all the venues and promoters who have put us on over the years.




all rights reserved


Ophiukhus Kingston Upon Thames, UK

Ophiukhus is a Death/Doom tribunal hailing for London.

For fans of Nile, Inquisition, Wolves in The Throne Room, Bongripper, Latitudes, Bast.

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Track Name: Solar Burial
In funerary service of basic rite
far from planetaries lush delight
in darkness cast from life's last sight
into my aim my hole my night

star approach
on my path
the black void
closing fast
photon spray
heat my skin
body burn
soul compressed
by vast mass
all deeds done
nothing now
matter wane
fusion reign
Track Name: The Storm
Rain pounds her bow
Waves swirl high round
Wind tears mainsail
Lightning strikes the sea

I have been cast from my home land
They took my name

Waters flood in
Men beg their gods
Splinters sinking
Dark depths take us

Drowning in salt
Death won't take me
I clutch her skull

The surface looms
I breathe again
Looking back
On our ship
She is torn in two
Waves slam remains
of the hull and crew

Blackness overcomes my eyes